About Me


My name is Jenna Spencer and I am the mysterious Miss Bloom! I hope to capture your interest by giving you all a brief insight into how I aspired to establish my very own business.

Edinburgh is my home town and I have lived here all my life. My interest in flowers started with being an enthusiastic assistant helping to arrange plants in the family garden. I must confess to having a bit of destructive streak then as my sisters and I loved spreading the cherry blossom around as we swung on the tyre on our tree in late spring! I thrived on outdoor adventure and loved picking the wild flowers in the woods beside our home.

Following school, I enrolled in college and successfully completed the City and Guilds Diploma in Floristry at Credit level.

For many years I have worked in two busy flower shops, learning the fundamentals of the trade and I gained a great deal of experience with excellent mentoring by the owners. I was allowed to be creative with my designs and to give customers exciting and interesting hand- crafted flower arrangements.

From time to time I was able to provide wonderful arrangements and flowers for my close friends and family which enabled me to fully express myself. Word soon spread from friend to friend and eventually I was producing work for a variety of events.

It was now time for another change in direction and I have decided to use my experience and confidence in realising my ambition to run my own business and provide a high quality service for my customers.

The secret is now out, Miss Bloom is open for business and I look forward to meeting you and being trusted to provide you with a flower service you will use again and again.